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Homework Help: Pendulum Final Project (Gr.10) HELP!

  1. Jan 23, 2006 #1
    Does this make any sense to anyone? please email me! jacileafsfan24@aol.com
    "If the shape of the bob is wider, then there will be more air resistance so it will swing fewer times in a minute because the gravity is still the same, but the air resistance will force it to slow down."
    Any help would be appreciated!
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    Tom Mattson

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    Yes, it makes sense. The air surrounding the pendulum exerts a drag force on it that opposes its motion. For details check out the following site.


    Use the bubble maps to take the following path:

    Mechanics-->Fluids-->Fluid Friction

    Then click on "Fluid friction concepts". You'll be interested in fluid friction in gases, since air is a gas.
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