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Penning ion source operating principle

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    I'm sending this message to anyone who has knowledge about neutron generator. is there anyone who knows how does penning ion source works. I mean how could ions exit the holes but electrons can't exit. I didn't find any explanation about it on the web
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    Is one interesting in Penning ion sources in general, or more specifically for deuteron gas (ions) impinging upon a tritiated target for the purpose of generating neutrons?

    For Penning ion source, here is an example - http://www.specs.de/cms/front_content.php?idcat=105

    or a general description - Penning Ion Sources

    or more generally - http://www.casetechnology.com/source.html
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    they are good. but I'm searching for a technical drawing of a penning ion source. so I'm gonna simulate it in a computer program. and satisfied explanation of the the ion source's technical explanation for example ions go this way and electrons ge this way electric and magnetic fields exert a this particular vectorel forces... etc..
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