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Percent uncertainty for noobs (like me)

  1. Sep 16, 2013 #1
    I KNOW this is going to be a very basic question for most of you but I am new to PF which seems awesome by the way and generally new too physics too. My question that my teacher went over on the practice questions for home was determine the percent uncertainty of the number 1.56.

    I know from working with this before and my few but awful attempts to solve this and look up a way how to do it but since we are using 3 significant figures would I use 0.01 as my uncertain value divide it by 1.56 and multiply it by 100. I tried this and I was wrong and i can't seem to find out why if you could tell me how to go about this question and what number I would use as my uncertain value and why that would be great :)
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    I think you are supposed to use 0.005 as the uncertainty, but really, your answer is somewhat reasonable.
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    Your post should/could be deleted. This is a homework question, please repost this in the Intro Physics forum. Please use the template and SHOW your work.

    Thank you,
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