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Perimeter and surface area of skewed end semi cylinder

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    I want to calculate the surface area of semi cylinder with one or both ends skew at a given angle. To calculate the area/perimeter i need to find out the end profile of the semi cylinder.
    If the skew plane is perpendicular to the cylinder axis, the cut surface would be half ellipse with major axis skewed at the angle and minor axis equal to the radius of the semi cylinder. In this case the surface area can be easily calculated since the end part can be easily identified.
    But if the skew plane is not perpendicular to the cylinder axis, then the end part would be skew along with bevel. In this case, the end part is again ellipse. I want to calculate the surface area of the semi cylinder for the second part. Please assume the radius to be 1m and length as 100m. The skew angle is 45 degrees at the end and inclined at 45 degrees to the perpendicular axis. Please help me solve this problem.
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    Hi tiny-tim,

    I am only interested in the approximate lateral area of the top part of semi cylinder so I tried solving it using engineering drawing by diving it into number of smaller strips and adding the total. I have attached the two problems which I explained before. The problem I discussed is with the semi circular ends so it is easy to work with. But I have to work with multi radius arches which can be difficult to work with. I am only interested in the lateral surface area. If I can calculate the boundary then I can work out the area by approximation. I was looking for a generalized solution for calculation of the boundary in different cases.

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