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Permanent magnet motor drive train

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    Hello there,
    can anyone tell me what is a permanent magnet motor drive train and what is the working principle of permanent magnet motor drive train ? i have searched google but i couldn't find anything useful
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    Do you mean the electrical drive system which powers the motor or the mechanical drive system which transmits power between motor and load ?
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    Electric drive system, i have been assigned with this task and i have no idea about electrical :p
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    Put these key words into Google :

    dc motor control systems

    dc motor power supply circuits

    dc motor variable speed controllers

    That should give you the basics .

    Please come back if you have specific questions
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    But i need them for Permanent Magnet motors only
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    The searches I suggested will all yield information relevant to permanent magnet motor control systems .

    There is a huge amount of information relating to all kinds of motor control systems readily available - just do a proper search using some very obvious keywords

    Try ' control systems for permanent magnet dc motors ' for instance .
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    ok thanks sir
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    Also look up BLDC motor ...
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    "Permanent magnet motors" can be tiny (used as vibrators in pagers) to real monsters. Speeds from 0 to >50,000 rpm. What sort of motors are you interested in?

    What's the application? Do you just need to control the speed or position as well? Regenerative braking?
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    Randy Beikmann

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    Is it an AC or DC motor you are working on?
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    I am working on DC
  13. May 15, 2016 #12
    i need the whole setup including the speed control position control as well as the torque control and braking
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