Perpetual motion machine - Intuitive meaning

In summary, Feynman discusses the concept of perpetual motion machines in the context of weight-lifting machines. He defines perpetual motion as a device that can run forever without receiving energy from an external source, and explains that it is not possible due to the law of conservation of energy. He also clarifies that for a weight-lifting machine to be considered perpetual, it must be able to lift a weight without any other temporary changes, and must be self-contained. Feynman further explains that conservative forces play a role in these machines, and that the net work done by them is zero if the machine returns to its original position. He cautions against falling for false claims of free energy machines, as the path of the machine does not affect
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bland said:
It couldn't be in the same state anyway because of the brakes would generate heat because.
I said "regenerative braking system" for a reason. Perhaps I should have said "ideal regenerative braking system".

Anyway this is irrelevant to the point I was making. That gravity is conservative.

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