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PF Photo Contest - Heavy Metal (6/9-6/15)

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    Thanks to Evo for graciously running the PF Photo Contest while I was on vacation.

    Heavy Metal

    Think "industrial". Your picture must have, as its main subject, something metallic, made of metals. This could be iron, steel, copper, alloys, etc. If it isn't clear, please include a brief explanation why you think your picture fits the theme.

    Contest Rules:

    1. Any digital photo or digitally-scanned photo relevant to the theme will be accepted within the contest period. In case there's a gray area, or you're not sure if the picture is suitable, check with me first.

    2. Please resize your digital photo to no more than 650 x 490 or 490 x 650 pixels. You may also crop your picture if you wish. But other than that, any form of picture editing or modification is not allowed. This is a photo contest, not a picture editing/special effect contest. You may add a watermark or your name/nickname to the photo for identification purposes.

    3. Upload your photos to any of the photo servers such as imageshack. Then post it the relevant contest thread and link your picture using the img command. PM me if you do not know how.

    4. Only ONE picture per member per contest. Once a picture is posted, it cannot be changed other than a total withdrawl by that member from that week's photo contest. Exceptions will be made for modification to comply with the rules, such as resizing.

    5. At the end of the contest period, I will open a poll and every PF member can vote for the picture they like best.

    6. Note that in case we have a large number of entries, I will do the polling in more than one thread. If that's the case, you can vote in each of the polling threads. The photos will be assigned in the polling threads in the order they were submitted.

    7. These pictures must be something that you took, not something taken off someone else's photo albums or taken by someone else. I have no way of checking if you did this, so we'll go by the honor system.

    8. You can use a picture only once. Once it is used in a contest, it cannot be reused in another contest.

    9. Please post only pictures meant for submission in this thread.

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    You might want to put a caveat for the astronomers on the board. :biggrin:
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    Here is my beloved old Wide Glide. I sold it to buy a Road King because my wife was having some back problems. It turned out that the back problems were a result of a fractured femur from an old car accident - easily cleared up with a lift in her shoe. She still apologizes about the loss of the WG because she loved it, too (even when I was rebuilding and rejetting the carb on the kitchen table). :cry:

    Master bike-builder Dave Perewitz did the head-work, and it had EV3 cams, adjustable push-rods so I could keep it in trim, S&S Super E racing carb and breather w/ K&N air filter (I rebuilt and modded that and added a Yost pre-atomizer), full-flow Pingel petcock and fuel filter, and lightly-baffled Python pipes with anti-reversion rings for improved exhaust scavenging. I ditched the Road King and am back on a modded Softail, but I still miss this monster.

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  5. Jun 9, 2007 #4
    drats, the photo I posted wasen't taken by me! I'll half to look for another one.
  6. Jun 9, 2007 #5
    Nice looking bike, turbo.

    I'd hate to have that happen to me, selling a dear possession, that is. :(
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    Thanks! It was a very bad time for me, since I had done much of the performance work myself. :frown: When I bought the bike, the carb was badly over-jetted and it ran way too rich at low speeds (the S&S are butterfly carbs designed to run best full-open, but that results in insufficient air velocity at the venturi at low throttle settings) and could barely get 40 mpg. I went to less restrictive intake (filter) and exhaust (Python AR pipes) and a smaller main jet, and with tuning, I got far better performance and about 45 mpg. I topped out about there until I rebuilt the carb and installed the Yost Power Tube pre-atomizer to send the gas up the venturi in a mist instead of droplets. At that time, I also installed the Pingel petcock and filter so that fuel could get to the carb with the least possible restriction. Torque and horsepower improved tremendously, and I was able to go back to a slightly larger main jet and still get 50 MPG riding two-up and just a little less than 50 MPG with me alone and a heavy hand on the throttle. There is no way that I could race with the high-displacement crotch-rockets, but this bike ate up all my friends' Harleys.
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    http://home.comcast.net/~Integral50/Photo_contest/HPIM2549a.JPG [Broken]

    Bronze in front of Seven Feathers Casino, Canyonville, OR.
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  9. Jun 9, 2007 #8
    New River Gorge Bridge


    Bridge statistics:
    Height -------------------- 876 ft.
    Bridge Length ----------- 3,030 ft.
    Arch Length ------------- 1,700 ft.
    Rise ---------------------- 360 ft.
    Final Cost -------- $37,000,000
    Bid Price --------- $33,984,000
    Weight ------------- 88,000,000 lbs.
    - Steel ------------ 44,000,000 lbs.
    - Concrete --------- 44,000,000 lbs.
    - Heaviest Piece ------ 184,000 lbs.
    - Arch ------------- 21,066,000 lbs.
    Deck Width ------------- 69-1/3 ft.
  10. Jun 9, 2007 #9
    Peiner SK 415 Crows Nest. The image degraded some on resize, still kinda nice.

  11. Jun 9, 2007 #10


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    One of the big guns used for coastal defense during WW2.

    http://home.earthlink.net/~parvey/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/gun.jpg [Broken]
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  12. Jun 9, 2007 #11
    GREAT PICTURE Task, *THIS* is what I had in mind for the theme of this contest!

    This is when turbo should have submitted his steam engine picture. I am going to take a picture of a big pile of recycled metal at a scrap yard. Scorpa, I wanna picture of a big CAT truck in yellow and black.
  13. Jun 10, 2007 #12


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    I have lots more steam locomotive pictures, including the Maine Central RR's venerable old No. 470, but as well as they fit the theme of this contest, I had to go with the bike. The pic won't stack up to others in the contest, but I like it.
  14. Jun 10, 2007 #13
    Yea, thats a great bike. Nice paint job on the tank and fenders.
  15. Jun 10, 2007 #14


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    It's one-of-a-kind done by an artist in Augusta. The yellow streaks are "broken" in many places with the "chips" "falling off" revealing a red-over-black flame job underneath. It's a really neat effect and I got lots of compliments on the paint. This is the bike I think of whenever I hear "Born to be Wild" (off Steppenwolf's first album and a prominent sound-track cut from "Easy Rider") so "heavy metal" kinda demanded this pic.

    I like smoke and lightning
    Heavy metal thunder
    Racin' with the wind
    And the feelin' that I'm under
  16. Jun 10, 2007 #15
    Thank You.
  17. Jun 10, 2007 #16
    God I love that bike! That picture shows off the paint very nicely! I can't really tell, but do you have a custom seat on that bike? It looks like there is some design on it, but I could be wrong. I always meant to ask you Turbo, but do you know what became of that bike?
  18. Jun 10, 2007 #17
    It probably sounds as good as it looks. Wow, thats really just a beautiful bike.
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  19. Jun 11, 2007 #18

    Ivan Seeking

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    A system somewhere... I think in Chicago
    http://img522.imageshack.us/img522/5088/img00017smwy6.jpg [Broken]
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  20. Jun 11, 2007 #19


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    That is a Corbin Gunfighter seat with flame stitching. I also had a Mustang seat for two-up riding. I sold the bike to a fellow in southern Maine (over 100 miles away) and I haven't seen it again since. I'm happy that I didn't sell it to someone local - I really wouldn't want to see it regularly. The guy that I bought it from went to a dresser (he was ~300# and his wife was no lightweight, either) and he had been bolting crap onto it for years - covers with gold-plated "Live to Ride - Ride to Live" emblems and similar stuff - even brake rotor covers. It was gaudy and looked terrible. I took off about 75# of stuff and what had to be replaced (primary covers, etc) I replaced with grooved covers from J&P. The next summer, his friends from Mass came up to ride with us for a few days, and they were all commenting on how nice the bike looked after I trimmed it out and took off all the H-D "tinsel". Anyway, I wouldn't mind seeing if Greg has done anything else to the WG since he's owned it, but I wouldn't like to see the bike around town a lot. I'm still kicking myself for selling it.
  21. Jun 11, 2007 #20


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    I wish I had a sound clip of that rascal at full chat, so I could post it. The sound of a high-compression Evo with steep cams and lightly baffled pipes is pretty distinctive. With expert head-work, properly-matched cams and good intake/exhaust flow, those Evos can make some serious (hang on!) torque.
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