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PF ratios

  1. Jul 1, 2003 #1
    okay, i was a little bored so i computed the current thread to post ration for all the forums above this one.

    the one with the highest ration is Philosophy, averaging out at aprox. 33.24 posts per thread! (that's including religion as a subforum)

    and in last place we have Mathamatics with an all time low 7.41 average post to thread ratio.


    honorable mentions include: Mytics and Psuedo Sciences with an 18.22 (aprox.)

    and of course General Discussion, with a 17.59!



    note: as i said i have not computed the forums below Gereral Disscusion, nor have i seperate subforums in Philosopy and Theoretical Physics. (or this one for that matter)
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Hmmmm. Now what could one deduce from this...hmmmm....

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    I noticed the maths forum is one of the least active forums though I have never worked out the ratio. Perhaps it needs someone to boost its number of posts.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Or it could be that. I was thinking that this demonstrates the efficiency of math over language.
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    There is alot less to argue about in maths there is either a rite answer or a wrong answer, with philosophy there is alot more to discuss with everyone having different opinions.
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    I totally agree with you.
    In philosophy people are only putting their points of view (mostly), and arguing about them or discussing about them, and that needs lot of talking !
    On the other hand, in math, someone asks an answer and another one replies, normally there are no disagreements, and it only happens in some topics that some discussiong happens (BTW, i found all forums other than Philosophy, Religion and World Affairs very friendly, but those three are were all the 'battles' start !)
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    seriously, there is more to debate with philosophical issues because there are countless arguments when asking an unanswered question by the structure of science...
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