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Programs PHD in biomedical engineering? Or just MAsc

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    'm right now in my 5th year of engineering science (electrical and computer) and I'm pretty much lined up a spot in grad school at my same school with a shorter than average completion time for it. The research is in cardiac anatomy and biomedical imaging. I've been doing some towards my ugrad thesis and I'll pretty much just take it to the next level for the masters. That much i know.

    The question after that remains should I go on for a PHD (Def at another school in another area of biomedical probably mcgill or unb or maybe in france). I know its all up to me but I have no idea really. I know exactly what's involved in it. Mostly i'm just curious as to why any of you chose to get it or chose to stop at a masters and how that all worked out.
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    I know I am not answering your question but just a comment; I am sure you are aware there are not many jobs for biomed graduates.

    *****my brother-in-law has master's in biomed eng and he wouldn't suggest biomed to anyone.
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    Go for the Dr. you will have more fun doing research =).

    Thats just my 2 cents. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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    Forget about a "career plan".

    If you enjoy the reseaarch, do the PhD :smile:
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