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Philosophy subject in curriculum

  1. Jul 27, 2003 #1
    In malaysia, our schools have the subject of Moral Study or Civic.
    I donno why it is not Philosophy?
    If philosophy worth studying, why not include it into high school syllubus?
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    in the US philosophy isn't curriculum in public schools until college.
    There is of course sociology and psychology, but no philosophy- at least not as a seperate course.
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    I definetally agree with that Philosophy should be a subject in either mid-school or high-school.
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    that's a tough call. I mean obviously the teenagers who come here are not a good example, but the overall population of teenagers.. would they benefit from it or even be able to accurately comprehend it? It requires a lot of abstract thought. Now mind you I'm talking about the general population, but I'm sure there are private schools, and some public where it's given as an elective.

    Of course tht leads to the sad state of the US school system... but that' another topic;)
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    So does religion.

    And I'd rather have philosophy then religion. Even when I was a christian, and after some thought, I was decisive on this. After a little while with ph. I've always felt philosophy is more wide, and above religion, and thus more necessary.
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    Good point I know I would have benefit from the class early on.
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    I took a 2 week introduction to a course of philosophy taught at a university in my 8th year of school and I thought it broadened my mind quite a bit but I think it didn't have the same effect on a good deal of my class mates. Even though there were students several years older then myself, some were more focused on 'working the wording' then trying to understand the concepts. It would also be a difficult subject to teach to teenagers who have not had some kind of experience with it in one way or another.

    I think it would be a great idea as an elective course at about the 11th or 12th years of school
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    I took a philosophy class in high school called Theory of Knowledge. I thought it was week, but only because philosophy has been an interest of mine for quite sometime.
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