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Photo threads

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    I wonder... we have several photo therads. Whenever someone posts nice picture there comes several posts with "beautiful!", "Nice picture" and other appraising comments. While I have nothing against (I like to be appraised as anybody else) it soon becomes cumbersome - I have long run out of adjectives, I hate to repeat myself, if I am not posting apprising comments I feel wrong, when I am posting them I don't feel like I sound honest and convincing. However, if it will be possible to add some way judging the pictures - kind of poll, but not for the whole thread, but attached to individual picture in the thread - it could help to deal with the situation. It will be still possible to comment on extraordinary pictures, and I will not feel sorry that I am not commenting those "just very good".
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    You mean a feature to rate a particular photo such that the rating would stay with the post? Would that be cumbersome with a post with multiple images?
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    Yes, something like that.

    It can be treated as rating for whole series in such case.

    Could be something like that is already possible - although I don't know about vBulletin, some forums allow to rate separate posts as helpful/not helpful. Rating posts - on the scale 1-5 or something like that - is very similar. The idea is hardly revolutionary :smile:
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    We discussed that and voted against it. This is how the SA & HH medals came about. What is to keep someone from giving themselves excellent ratings? Or crackpots giving each other high ratings? So we decided to award the individuals with consistently good posts, which meant only people that really knew what they were doing received recognition.

    I was looking on Yahoo Answers at a question about colon cleansing and all these crackpots were raving about the benefits of cleaning out your colon every day and morons rating the crackpot posts as excellent. I'm waiting for Yahoo to get sued for allowing junk like that, harmful junk no less.

    Of course photos are different, but unless the selections were "beautiful", "awesome", "love it", etc... I wouldn't want to give a number rating to a picture, it just seems too impersonal and doesn't let me express how the picture makes me feel.
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    One could always send a Private Message to offer praise for photos, or other posts for that matter. I'm glad we don't have a public rating system, my experience elsewhere is that it is easily abused.

    Aurghhh, Evo don't get me started about Yahoo Answers.
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