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Photocopier part recyclable?

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    The office photocopier got a new "transfer roller unit" (or an "image transfer belt") -- which is a wide, flat, sheet of plastic film; it rolls like an engine belt with the help of little plastic wheels fixed on metal axes at each end.

    Not sure what to do with the old part, anyone know if it's recyclable like the toner?
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    No. I don't know what to do with it. But please tell - is this the modern replacement for the old shiny drum we used to see in those machines?

    Maybe use it as a van der graaf genny belt?
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    That would be my guess. However, I am in no way an expert on photocopiers, let alone multi-functional machines which can print, scan, and fax in addition to copying.
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    Ordinarily the machines have few re-usable parts.
    Not like the old 1/2 tonne models with more gears and chains and opto-couplers than you could count
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