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Phylogeny sciences

  1. Jul 20, 2005 #1
    I find that this subject is very interesting and really want to go to a graduate school for a degree on that but the difficult problem I have now is, all of the professors in that school only suggest researches on a particular animal, a plant, a particular observation on a particular spieces to later be able to write paper for a master thesis. This I think will never get me go any farther at all and I will be unable to think and learn anything about the evolution of different kinds of species on earth, which is what I really love to understand and discover. I badly need a research that is more general on the topic, a real whole thing, since I am really bored with engineering, where i have to make up something to show people before i can receive a graduate certificate. Some of the professors also said, they only concentrated on producing some "special products" to sell in the market from biological researches. Isn't this leading me back to engineering ? Has anyone of you any advice for me about this, I am sure you all have spent great time over graduate schools, and gained lots of experience in professions also ? Only some words for me, I also highly appreciate...
    Thank you very much.
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