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Physical properties of High-temperature reusable surface insulation tiles

  1. Mar 6, 2009 #1
    Hey, i am new to the forums and i have a question. I wouldn't consider this to be home work, because it is worth 10% of my first year score grade in physics. So it is a course work. I have to do a 10 min presentation on a material of my choice. I chose to do space shuttle tiles.

    So i was wondering if any of you can tell me about the physical properties of High-temperature reusable surface insulation tiles that are used on the upper forward fusalage of space shuttles.

    It can be anything that is related to how it acts under large temperature, why it is best suited for its task, its strengths, its weaknesses, tensile strength.

    Thanks, i can't seem to find this information on the internet
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    The tiles are, I think, ceramic tiles that do not conduct heat which in turn have high melting temperatures. From the ballistic missiles to the heat shield of the CM, Soyuz capsule, etc. have a heat shield that doesn't conduct heath in order to survive re-entry. Another factor is that the tiles of the heat shield is that the tiles expand upon re-entry which will cover all the holes where heat can enter.
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