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Physicist that is also Eagle Scout

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    I'm looking for some physicists that are also Eagle Scouts. My son recently earned his award and I would like to get some letters of recognition. This is what he plans to study in college- he made this decision in middle school and has been working towards his goal ever since.
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    Sounds like a great kid, but why would any random physicists endorse your son who they don't know?
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    It's pretty much tradition for former Eagle scouts to write letters of congratulations for youth that have achieved this rank. Only 2% of scouts obtain this honor. Letters come from the President, congressmen, even Mike Rowe. And my son who may think those are nice would be more impressed by a Physicist than any of them.
    I'm an engineer and I could get several but according to him, engineers just dont make the cut :-)
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    Oh, letters of congratulation/recognition for obtaining Eagle Scout - not endorsements for college acceptance. The last sentence threw me too.

    I'm an Eagle Scout, but, sorry, I'm a mechanical engineer.

    can you tell us a bit more about him? What did he do for his service project?
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    He wanted to do something different than build something- He managed the volunteers for the Highland Games, which is a weekend long event for the Caledonian Society. He organized and assigned volunteers for the game area, children's section, booths, marketing and sales, music areas, check in and parking. Volunteers rotated through multiple sessions and timeslots. He also organized food and water for all volunteers, safety etc since it was in the summer in the south. The project had over 350 manhours plus there were severe thunderstorms on the second day so he had to manage an emergency situation as well.
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