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Physicist who won both the Nobel prize for physics and math

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    i am wondering if the next case is frequent in the territories of physics/maths academia researchers:
    a pure mathematician who also writes articles in theoretical physics although he is only associated with the pure maths faculty at his univ, his employer.
    and also the other way around.

    and to add another inquiry: is there any mathematician/physicist who won both the nobel prize for physics and the fields medal?
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    i believe penrose is the head of the math department and he does work in GR.

    I am not familiar with a lot of fields medal winners so i cannot comment on that. Why not just look up all the fields medal winners and cross reference them witht the Nobel laurets?
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    Well, I don't know if anyone has ever won both a Nobel in physics and a Fields medal... but Ed Witten has won a Fields medal, and he's a physicist.
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