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Physics at uni?

  1. Jul 30, 2005 #1
    ive just finished my AS, havnt got my results back yet and i think i want to do physics at university. Im very good at physics, top of my class(not tryin to boast or anything) but i also took maths A level and im not very confident with my maths. although all my friends think im gd at it all :uhh: im worried that i just raised my hopes and i'll end up stuck, my parents arn't any help, they want me to do pharmacy :mad: (boring). hoping to get 4 As. Does a say a plain 3 year physics degree have a lot of statistics (i dont really like) and what about in MPhys?
    any opinions and advice will be helpful
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    There isn't an overload of statistics. Statistical physics does play an important part in numerous fields in physics but it's most likely completely different than the statistics you've encountered in HS.
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    It'll probably depend where you go. For me, there wasn't that much. I had a Statistical Physics course in my 2nd year, but I won't in my 3rd year (because it's an option for me). I'm only doing BSc though. The MSci people have to do Statistical Physics in 3rd year, I think. If you get 4 As, that should be good. I got a B in A Level Maths and I did ok in the Maths I've done at uni. I don't like Statistics either though :).
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    im thinking of applying to Cardiff University its closest to where i live. i dont think i shoulda posted this thread here. hmm sorry itll probably be moved by the moderator ppl anyway.
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    Have a look at their site, you should be able to find some info about what's in their course.
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