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Physics Homework - Coefficent of friction.

  1. Oct 22, 2009 #1
    I understand what to do for single step problems, but I get lost when it comes to multi-stepped. Help, please!

    1. A 2000 kg car traveling at 20 m/s slides to a stop over a distance of 200 m on a snowy level road. What is this coefficient of friction between car's tires and the road?

    2. A 3000 kg car accelerates along a level road at a rate of 1.5 m/s when 5500 N of force is applied. What is its coefficient of friction?

    Honestly, I am completely lost, and I do need help. So please, can you help me?
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    Kinetic energy lost by the car is equal to the work done by the frictional force.
    Coefficient of friction = ...?
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    I know coefficient of friction = us= FnFf. But how do I find Ff? (Frictional force.) Is it the same as the force applied?
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    Frictional force X displacement = Loss of KE
    And us = Ff/Fn
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    Kinetic Friction Force=the product of the coefficient of the kinetic friction AND the normal force
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