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Homework Help: Physics induction concepts help

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    initally theres a electric feild pointing to the right near a rod...something happens and the rod becomes negative on leftside on postive on rightside whihc supposedly generate another electric field near the rod..does this new one oppose the other one in terms of direction or make it stronger?
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    What are your thoughts? Electric field points from which polarity charge to which polarity charge.

    Also, if the rod is has opposite charges at its ends (or on its sides?), it has an electric field for a dipole. That E-field is not straight...
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    this was due last week lol..ive learned the answer and the theroy behind it...its actually will oppose it
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    Glad that you've learned/understood the theory behind it. Berkeman was giving you another chance if you hadn't yet. We should be thankful. :smile:
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