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Physics would be a easy thing if .

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    Physics would be a easy thing if.....

    ..mathematics were not so complicate...in fact i think that the universe could be explained y terms of simple integral..(without differential forms, topology..divergences ..and all that), or differential calculus ..physics would be finished a long time ago.

    -"Physics is a simple thing is maths wich complicate it".
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    I'm betting you have no justification for your belief. Sure, physics would be easy if it were all representable by basic one-dimensional calculus. Heck, it'd be even easier if it were representable entirely by the addition of two-digit numbers.

    But it's not representable without complex math. Boo hoo. Learn it.

    - Warren
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    Wow. It would appear the the 'if only' lament is a universal one. As a regular user over at linuxquestions.org I see similar posts ('Linux would be a lot easier if it was more like Windows') on an almost weekly basis.

    I'm sure physics would be a lot easier if I lived in a one-dimesional world, it would be nowhere near as much fun as this one.

    The movies would be pretty bland too.

    <edit> Hm. This is not what had in mind for my first post on PF. ;)
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    Actually, i see the contrary.
    If it wasn't for complicated math, physics would be extremly complicated, or will be not as good as it is today, or hard to understand.
    Just try to think how advanced physics would be if Calculus was not invented ... can you get the idea now ?
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    I think physics is not 'easy' because our sensory system is so limited. The outcome of experiments often surprises us, because we can't directly 'see' what's behind the effects. So we have to use a model which, in order to be precise enough, is often mathematical.

    Example: Imagine we could see magnetic fields. Then people would say "Yeah, magnetic fields, I know that stuff. Don't explain to me", instead of wondering what Ampere's law or anything is for. IOW, we don't have a mathematical theory of, say, pizza. Because we know that stuff.
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    Everyone's mind works differently. Some have a talent for creative, abstract thinking, others have to use a concrete formulaic approach to everything.

    I agree that complicated mathmatics are required to prove our understanding of the workings of physics and that this seemingly complicating element actually simplifies our ability to understand how things work (for instance the theory of relativity summed up in E=MC^2).

    However, it is not necessary for everyone to master this complicated background. There are college courses for non-physics majors that are designed for students interested in physical science, but lacking a strong math base. There are books written such as "The Elegant Universe" that can give those abstract thinkers without hard math skills a good overview of important scientific theories, without bogging down in the math (interesting to some, boring to others).
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    Re: Physics would be a easy thing if.....

    That's why one reknowned professor from Germany once said:

    Can you say who said this in which famous university ?
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    Can anyone give a rundown on the Wheeler-deWitt quantum cosmological equation? Why hasn't any progress been made recently on this simple approach to TOE?
  10. Apr 17, 2003 #9
    i suggest physics is complicated...
    the mathematics just show the simple conclusion
    actually want to understand a physics theory not like that easy
    like e=mc^2 look so easy
    actually not easy to find out this equation
    is need more deeply thinking....
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    Re: Physics would be a easy thing if.....

    What you're saying is that physics would be over if math was trivially easy. And that is certainly not true. Physics is not "over" because its hard or rather abstract. Its not over because it can never be over. We can never know "truth" and that is exactly what we are seeking. We simply can't do experiments to find all the things out that we want to know - basically because we don't know which experiments we *should* do. But that's just the beginning as to why that assumption stated above is wrong - at least IMHO

  12. May 2, 2003 #11
    Thats why I am studying engineering, and not physics. Love physics but I dont know if I can handle that hardcore a math. Engineering math is hard to but not so much as physics, so I have heard.
  13. May 2, 2003 #12
    Well, physics is nothing else than math. When we dig into any physical phenomenon we discover it to be mere mathematcal result of more fundamental phenomena, and so on deeper and deeper.

    So far we haven't hit any "physical" object in our universe.

    So, looks like universe "is meant" to be all math, but our brain is just too primitive to handle that big math.
  14. May 2, 2003 #13
    Re: Physics would be a easy thing if.....

    Spoken like a true fundamentalist. Too bad modern physics doesn't favor fundamentalism. Get a grip dude, either accept the uncertainty of life or become a preacher. There is no other choice for a true fundamentalist.
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