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Homework Help: PIC18F4550, A/D Interrupts, Assembly Language

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    1. What I am trying to do
    I am attempting to make a PIC18F4550 use A/D interrupts to blink an LED at RA1. [Interrupt LED]
    The frequency of the blinking LED is determined by a potentiometer linked to RA0.
    To gauge when the loop is outside of the interrupt routine, I have added an LED at RA2 that is set to blink when the program loops in the main code. [Main LED]

    2. The Problem
    The Interrupt LED blinks properly, responding to potentiometer changes for 30 or so cycles, after which, only the Main LED blinks, unresponsive to potentiometer changes.
    It seems clear that the code no longer interrupts after a point and the main code loops thereafter.
    However, I am at a loss at what causes the code to stop interrupting.

    The circuit/hardware works fine; I have managed to use the pot to make the LED blink without interrupts (i.e. using a loop waiting for conversion to finish).
    I have tried resetting the AD Interrupt flag and ADC enable bits, no effect.

    3. Code

    Code (Text):
    ;=========PROGRAM INFORMATION=========
    ;Designed to sense voltage from pot, convert to digital and use result to set delay time of a blinking LED.
    ;Run off internal oscillator - 1MHz mode (default int osc)
    ;Conversion voltage references set to VDD and VSS
    ;Analog input in RA0
    ;Blinking LED positioned RA1
    ;Main loop test-LED positioned RA2 (visual cue of looping main code)

    ;=========PIC SPECIFIC IMPORTS=========

    ;=========CONFIGURATION BITS=========
        CONFIG WDT = OFF    ; watchdog timer off
        CONFIG MCLRE = OFF  ; MCLR pin off, no debugging, no need to set pin hi
        CONFIG DEBUG = OFF  ; debug mode off
        CONFIG FOSC = INTOSCIO_EC   ; internal oscillator
        CONFIG XINST = OFF  ; disable extended instruction set
        CONFIG CP0 = OFF    ; disable code protection
        CONFIG LVP = OFF    ; disable low voltage programming

    ;=========VARIABLE DECLARATION=========
    Delay1 res 2    ;delay loop variables
    DelTmr res 2    ;delay loop multiplier, will be influenced by result of A/D conversion

    RESET_VECTOR    CODE    0x0000
            goto    init    ; go to initialisation

    INT_VECTOR      CODE    0x0008
            ;Blink + Delay
            btg     LATA, LATA1 ; blink RA1
            call    delay
            ;Reset interrupt
            ;bcf        PIR1, ADIF  ; clear A/D interrupt flag [no effect]
            ;bsf        PIE1, ADIE  ; enable A/D interrupt [no effect]
            bsf     INTCON, GIE ; enable interrupts

            goto    main    ; return to main loop

    delay:  movff ADRESH, DelTmr ;move 8bit A/D result to DelTmr
            infsnz  DelTmr, F   ; make sure no overflows occur
            decf    DelTmr, F   ;

    dloop:  decfsz  Delay1
            goto    dloop
            decfsz  DelTmr
            goto    dloop


    init:   clrf    PORTA   ; clear porta
            clrf    TRISA   ; porta > outputs
            clrf    LATA    ; clear porta latch
            bsf     TRISA, TRISA0   ; RA0 > input
            ;No Internal Osc selection, will keep osc at 1MHz

            ;A/D Module
            movlw   b'00001110' ; AN0 set to analog input + VSS,VDD ref.
            movwf   ADCON1      ;
            clrf    ADCON0      ; select AN0 (channel 0) as A/D channel
            movlw   b'00001000' ; results are left-justified, Tac = 2*Tosc
            movwf   ADCON2      ;
            bsf     ADCON0,ADON ; enable A/D Conversion Module
            bcf     RCON, IPEN  ; disable interrupt priority
            bsf     INTCON, PEIE    ; enable peripheral interrupts
            bcf     PIR1, ADIF  ; clear A/D interrupt flag
            bsf     PIE1, ADIE  ; enable A/D interrupt
            bsf     INTCON, GIE ; enable interrupts globally
    ;=========MAIN CODE=========
    main:   bsf     ADCON0, GO_DONE ; start A/D Conversion

            btg     LATA, LATA2 ; blink RA2
            call    delay       ;

            goto    inf ; infinite loop

    ;=========END OF CODE=========
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    I might be able to help you. can you show me the circuit you drew?
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