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Ping Pong Ball Projectile Launcher

  1. Mar 16, 2013 #1
    Allowed materials:
    -1 sheet of 8"x8" cardboard to be used as the base
    -another sheet of 8"x8" cardboard (that may be cut)
    -2 standard paper towel tubes
    -10 standard popsicle sticks
    -up to 10 rubber bands (maximum unstretched length is 10 cm)
    -5 standard paper clips (max length 5 cm each)
    - tape/glue

    **The projectile will be a standard, 38 mm, ping-pong ball and must be launched to long distances from a desk with a height of 76.5 cm (30 in)

    I really need help with this please just give me some basic ideas on where to start or some guidelines! thank you!!
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