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Plane polarized oscilation of a spring

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    Hi All,

    Suppose you have a spring with a given elastic constant k. Its natural width is L = 1 meter and its mass is M = 0.1 kg. Now imagine you put this spring to oscilate, with its ends fixed, forming a pure second harmonic oscilation, plane polarized, with frequency Omega. The amplitude of this oscilation is A = 1 meter also.
    How is one to determine the energy E of this system ? (mechanical energy of this system E = Ekin + Epot)

    P.S. it seems natural that the frequency Omega is to be determined from the constants I alluded above.

    P.S. 2: by second harmonic I mean a sine function between the end points (x = 0 and x = 1) with just one crest and one valley.

    Best Regards

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    Wait, be faithful, may be the help is to arrive soon...

    Best Regards

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