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Please help me prove this:

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    So I found a web gui for helping do an toe alignment on a car. So I've been looking over the code and I see some equations that I wanted to verify (to make sure the tool is accurate). I drew up one of the models along with the equation, but I can't seem to get phi in terms on only a, b, c, d, and l for the generic case (only when the front/rear track of the car are the same which in the diagram means the trapezoid would be a rectangle). Any help with the proof would be appreciated!

    to clarify my bad use of parenthesis:

    phi = asin ( (a - b - c + d)/(2*l) )

    [PLAIN]http://www.jandlshort.com/pictures/james/alignment/diagram.JPG [Broken]
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    Ahhh, I figured it out....of course it was MUCH easier than it seemed to be :).
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