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Please Help me Select Universities

  1. Dec 10, 2007 #1

    · Harvey Mudd
    · Carnegie Mellon University
    · Northwestern University


    · Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    · Georgia Tech
    · Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
    · Penn State University
    · University of Wisconsin, Madison


    · Worcester Polytechnic Institute
    · Purdue
    · Stevens Institute of Tecnology

    I plan to do something in engineering
    Class Rank #1
    SAT 1990
    GPA ~ 3.77-3.8/4.0
    SAT 2 Gave the Math Level 1 and Biology-M this December. Also gave Math Level 2, but it didn't go well.
    CR 680
    Math 660
    Writing 650

    U.S. Citizen (born in CA), living abroad. So not a resident of any state.
    Rank is highest gpa in the whole high school like 90 kids only. do i have to tell that to the university that they're only 100 kids in the whole high school. as i said before i shifted from usa (born in CA), and not a lot of ppl do high school. they do some other british system gce o levels and stuff like th
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    well, all i can say about this is that u do not look bad at all. So why don't u try to apply at all of them and see what happens. Applying to as many universities as possible increases your chances to get scholarships to some of them. This is my advice.
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