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PLease help me - The Petrol engine and the first cars

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    I'm working on a really important physics assignment and i am in deperate need of help!

    I need to find some scientific problems with reference to the first petrol engine and the some of the first cars ever made (1887-1912). I have to present some problems which i am to solve later on.

    The problems need to be formulated so that they can be solved by either the inductive or the deductive way.

    Please guys i'm begging you! Please help me!
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    Which came first petrol or the petrol engine?
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    I think that may have been a suggestion for your discussion, rather than just a question to be answered!

    How about picking one of the key engine systems, looking at how they're currently addressed, and how these challenges were met "back in the day". For example, how did the ignition systems on early vehicles work? How did the fuel system work? What about transmission? Or the internals of the engine itself?
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    I was thinking about some thermodynamic and aerodynamic?
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    Steam engines came first and the fuel was just lying around.

    Then came Diesel engines, then petrol engines.

    My suggestion was indeed serious where did the fuel come from?

    You have received some other good suggestions as well.

    How was the engine started? Compression ratio?
    How were they cooled?
    How did the fuel get into the engine?
    How was the speed controlled?
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