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Aerospace Please how to put process sheet

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    i am in a satellite structure project and i really need know to how to create a process sheet to manufacture the satellite parts example: like 1-make cut using.....

    2-put it in the cnc machine

    3- etc..............

    any way to put this sheet (e-book, guide, program) will be appreciated

    thanks for advance...
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    You need one of us to tell you how to do your manufacturing planning steps? That's not going to be possible since no one here is going to know what you need or your capabilities are. You need to talk to manufacturing engineers where you are doing this to get their input.
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    How do you know that there is no one ?
    If you know , why just not set yourself a little more free to answer him abruptly or police will imprison you after this ?
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    Because this is something his project manager should have explained to him, since it's no doubt specific to this particular job. The sort of process sheet he's asking about isn't standard to any industry I'm familiar with. Fabricators making machine parts don't need step-by-step instructions for producing a given part, they only need drawings with appropriate instructions included in the callouts.
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    What? No. Seriously.....What?
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