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Please provide me top universities for MS in USA?

  1. Dec 23, 2014 #1
    Hello friends ,
    I pass out in year 2013 as an Electrical Engineer. Now I want to continue my ms from USA. Please suggest me best Universities for MS Programs in USA so that I can apply for it.
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  4. Jan 5, 2015 #3
    Here are the list of top Universities in USA:

    1.Princeton University

    2.Harvard University

    3.Yale University

    4.Columbia University

    5.Stanford University

    6.University of Chicago

    7.Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    8.Duke University

    9.University of Pennsylvania

    10.California Institute of Technology
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    I looked myself at the opportunities to do an MSc in a UK/Canada/US top 20 school. Problem is, for most an MSc is what you get when you leave the PhD track prematurely.
    I myself am in an 3 yr BSc 2 yr MSc place and I was looking at doing my MSc in a top school and then return for the PhD to my home country. Well, problem is that it doesn't usually work out as for pure science at top schools BSc -> PhD. and doing a normal PhD after a top school MSc is also said to be a waste.
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    I will add that MIT does not have a masters program in EE--only Ph.D.
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    A place with a good masters program that is a bit more realistic to a above average student from out of country would be Cal Poly SLO's masters program for electrical engineering. I know the head of the department, it is a good program and it focuses a bit of fiber optics.
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    Vanadium 50

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    Not all of which even offer a EE degree at all, and not all of which offer a terminal MSEE. Which is why the obsession with rankings that one sees from certain parts of the world is just silly.
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