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Homework Help: Plotting tidal force vectors on the surface of the earth

  1. Apr 27, 2013 #1
    How can I plot the tidal force vectors on the surface the Earth in Mathematica or Python?

    The potential energy of the tidal force on the poles are
    U = -GM_{moon}m_{water}\left(\frac{1}{d}+\frac{x}{d_0^2}\right)
    where ##d_0## is the distance between the moon and the earth 384400 km.

    The equation of motion for forces acting on mass m is
    m\ddot{\mathbf{r}} = m\mathbf{g} + \mathbf{F}_{NG} - GM_{moon}m_{water}\left(\frac{\hat{\mathbf{d}}}{d^2} - \frac{\hat{\mathbf{d}}_0}{d_0^2}\right)

    Force ng is the non gravitational forces.

    I am not sure what I need to use to plot the vector lines coming from the Earth due to the moon.

    I know the tidal forces bulges out on the horizontal ends and pushes in on the poles.
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    this might help for plotting on a sphere using matlab:


    You just have to modify the code for what you want. There may be another addition that will draw an earth profile on the sphere but I couldn't find it.
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