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Point of contact of circle an tangent

  1. Mar 17, 2015 #1
    I want to find out the co-ordinate of point of contact of tangent to a circle from external point when its center and radius are known. Please Help me . . .
    Thank you in advance . . .
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    upload_2015-3-17_12-9-34.png This figure illustrates what you need to get ahead. The tangent and the radius to the tangent point meet at 90°. Thus: Draw a line from the given point to the center of the circle, find the midpoint and draw a circle with the line as diameter. The point where this circle intersects the given circle is the tangent point (as you can see from the figure, there are two tangent points).
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    What happens when you simultaneously solve


    For x and y? They'll be in terms of the m,k,a,b,r constants, but it can be done.
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