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I Poisson Equation Neumann boundaries singularity

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    I am trying to solve the poisson equation with neumann BC's in a 2D cartesian geometry as part of a Navier-Stokes solver routine and was hoping for some help.

    I am using a fast fourier transform in the x direction and a finite difference scheme in the y. This means the poisson equation becomes


    with dp/dy=0 at the boundaries being enforced using ghost boundary points

    this inverts easily for all wavenumbers except when kx=0 when the matrix is singular.

    I was wondering if anyone had any experience dealing with this problem and any standard methods of solving such a problem?

    Can you simply set p_{hat}=0 at these points and then convert back to real space?

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    Is p_{i,j} the fourier transform? You should take care that the method does not produce some unwanted complex phase which might ruin the solution.
    The kx=0 entry is the mean value for that "row" so you can not just set it equal to zero. I would imagine it depends a bit on your RHS how to best proceed.

    PS: If you want to keep it fully spectral you could solve in the y-direction using a cosine transform.
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