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Homework Help: Poly. And Factoring Questiosn I have .

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    Poly. And Factoring Questiosn I have.....

    Bah help me quick someone plz....:bugeye:
    Determine wheter expression A is equivalent to Expression B. If not, change exp b to make it quivalent....
    a b
    2X^2-7X-15 (2X-3)(X-5)
    2X^2-11X+12 (2X-4)(2X-3)
    4X^2+8X-12 4(X-1)(X+3)
    I dont get how you find if its equiv well i do but i dont know how you find the correct expression
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    To find the correct expression, I guess all you need to do is to factorize expression A. Once you have done so, you can see where the mistake in expression B lies and you can change it accordingly.

    Hope this information helps!
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    I think it's easier to multiply B and see if it is the same as A!
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