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B Polytropic process with heat addition

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    In polytropic process if we know p1,v1,v2 and q(heat added in process) then what will be the value of p2 and the coff. Of expansion (n) ??????
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    Andrew Mason

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    Welcome to PF Rakesh!

    Unfortunately, this appears to be a thermodynamics problem, not quantum physics. It is also not very clearly explained, which is likely why no one has responded. I would suggest that you post it in the Homework - Introductory Physics board and follow the template for posting a problem. Make sure that you give us the exact wording of the problem that you are trying to solve and show us what you have done to attempt a solution.

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    i want to ask that sir ,in a polytropic expansion of a gas if we know the initial pressure and initial volume of gas and the heat added in the the gas during expansion and we also know the final volume of the gas , then what will be the final pressure of gas and the coff. of expansion ??
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