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Pool heat gain by solar radiation versus heat loss by evaporation

  1. Nov 4, 2011 #1

    On various websites I read that 70% of the heat loss of a pool is by evaporation, whereas up to 85% of the solar radiation can heat an uncovered pool.

    We use 22mm thick black color EPE panels to cover our pool.
    On a sunny day, is it better to cover the pool or to leave it uncovered ?

    In other words ;
    Is the reduction of heat gain (because of the EPE panel cover) compensated by the reduced heat loss by evaporation ?

    Thanks for your help

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    How about using a transparent foil cover? It lets the sun in, and keeps the vapor inside.
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    Hi A.T

    thanks, but I've had one of those before. there difficult to remove and you need an ugly big roll beside your pool.

    Since I've been using the EPE panels my pool is a lot warmer too.
    I just cannot figure out whether it's better to cover the pool during a sunny day or not


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