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Portrait Of Math Is Hard by zoobyshoe

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    Holy Crap! :surprised
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    Zoob, that's beautiful!!!
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    Under the assumption that zoobyshoe is a really good artist...well...

    MIH, you're DAMN HOT.

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    That is awesome!
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    http://img262.imageshack.us/img262/720/untitledgc5.png [Broken]

    You know, nobody likes a showoff ZOOBY....:rolleyes:

    Where did you learn how to draw.......pft
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    Man, that's freaking amazing!
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    That is outstanding. What medium did you use? Paper, utensils? And time spent?
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    I'm pretty sure he uses pencil and paper. I saw some of his work before and that's what he said he used for that stuff.

    Maybe it's something new now. It's just amazing literally.
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    Thanks Jason.
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    MS Paint, 5 hours.
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    Wow!! You are an incredible artist Mr. Zooby!
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    Very nice work Zooby!!! Happy birthday! :biggrin:
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    What she said! I'm speechless.

    Well Zoob, you are one excellent artist!

    And MIH, you are one beautiful lady!

    And Cyrus - give it up! :rofl: It's good that you are an engineer.
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    She is. This drawing is very special to me, not just because it's Math Is Hard, but because when I first started posting on the art forum, no one paid much attention to me for weeks till I posted this drawing there. Suddenly all the art forum heavyweights and hypercritical types stopped and paid attention to it and said nice things about it. Math is not just smart, funny, and educated, she's quite beautiful in real life. The drawing, though, is not necessarily better than any other I've done, it's her lovely, serene face that really got people's attention.

    I learned from this that it's not enough to draw well: choosing the right subject makes a huge difference in how you are received.

    They choose a currently posted work to be the forum's avatar and keep it up a few days. After I posted this I was thrilled to see they picked it for this special attention next time I logged on. Here's a screen capture:

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    Is that grey hair :rofl: it is a fantastic drawing zooby, i wish i could get past
    drawing matchstick men, or even have an ounce of artistry in me.
    I have always said that MIH is a cracker:!!)
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    Fantastic work!
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    You have a highly enviable talent Zoob. I would be a proud man to be as good at portraits as you.

    Something makes me wonder about the medium though. Is it simply pencil? Or is it something else - some form of airbrushing?
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    Thanks very, very much folks.

    (Cyrus, your rendering has raised the bar on me.)
    Thank you two. I'm grateful for the enthusiasm.
    It's graphite on smooth Bristol Board, 11x14. Not sure of the time spent cause I did it in incrememnts over the course of a few months working on it a bit here and a bit there.
    Thank you each very much. I'm very happy people like this.
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    TWO things :
    1) Zooby, great work. I am very impressed. You got some great skills.
    2) MIH : you are hot

    TWO things :

    1) Cyrus, YOU SUCK
    2) MIH : you look, errr, very "abstract"

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