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Homework Help: Possible IB extended essay topic

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    hi. i was wondering if it is possible to write a well developed essay explaining the physics behind tae kwon do (korean martial arts). think an indepth version of the show "human weapon". do you think that the research will be too simplistic/ complex? how should i narrow or broaden this topic? im only in the initial stages of brainstorming so any other essay research topics are welcome!

    by the way, i came up with tae kwon do because i am almost a black belt and i thought it might be a good way to add a personal touch to the essay.

    i apologize in advance if this is in the wrong forum. my first post.
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    You would do a lot with mechanics, but I don't see it as being in the spirit of physics or all that scientific. When I did the program, I saw a lot of kids get nailed for doing things like you want to do. The graders see the physics as a sidenote, which it is, rather than the main topic.

    My suggestion would be to do an in depth study of an important physical concept like the harmonic oscillator, maybe do experiment with a physical pendulum or spring/mass on an air table; or take a look at some of the research going on in fields that can be understood without higher level physics, such as superfluids; or, lastly, go for one of the tried and true experiments and make it your own, maybe play with fluids and pressure (hydrolic jack), play with rockets and see why multi stage rockets work better than single stage rockets, there many different paths here.
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