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Power 741 op amp with +9 and -5 ?

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    I have a few power supply's of different voltages, but for convenience a.t.m. can I use +9 and it's -5, it has a ground of course too
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    Yes, but you will only be able to obtain an output swing based on the lower voltage ie about -4.5 volts. +5 volts will obviously be attainable since it is nowhere near 9.
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    According to my reading of the LM741 specification,
    For power supply voltages of +9 volt, -5 volt and load resistance greater than 10,000 ohm, a typical LM741 will have an output voltage range of +8 volt to -4 volt
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    Yes, but for an input signal that is symmetrical about the ground point, the maximum output will depend on the lower of the two supply voltages.

    In this case, because the negative supply is only 5 volts, distorted output will result if the negative output is driven beyond about -4 volts, although the positive output may be clean.
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