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B Predicting lift on an Aerofoil with varying Angles of Attack

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    I am conducting a school based EEI and have found issues in predicting lift on an aerofoil with respect to angle of attack.I understand the formula for lift is L = (1/2) d v2 s CL. I also understand there are many confusing variations to the calculation for the lift coefficient but i am yet to find one that takes the angle of attack into account.

    The idea of the experiment is to find the optimum angle of attack to velocity ratio in a wind tunnel acting on a cambered aerofoil and i would like to predict the lift per angle prior to testing, then to reveal the differences and use results for error. Is there a formula i can use to calculate the predicted lift of an Aerofoil which incorporates the angle of attack. I really appreciate any advice or support. Thanks
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    Getting a reasonably accurate model is fairly complicated. This is an example library / program that generates data about airfoil performance:

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