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Predicting questions

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    does anyone know how teachers just make up questions for tests? is there any way of predicting the kinds of questions they will ask?
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    I assume we are talking about a math test, since we're in the math forum. :biggrin:
    It's not easy, but in my experience from my school:
    - The teacher will include questions covering all the things you're suppose to know from the chapters the test is on. (duh)
    - Most questions are not too hard, the teacher does not pick the hardest questions he can find from every chapter.
    - Often, the test will include a number of tasks that you can't solve directly by simply applying a single formula or such, but rather will be designed so that you have to use what you have already learned in new ways.
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    And it's more likely solution will be number like 7/9 then 16541616313/54687435153435... :wink:
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    If you have a good teacher then the only predictor is whether you understand the core concepts. He or she will formulate questions to test whether you truly understand them. Simply parroting responses to specific problems you've seen before won't cut it.

    Rather than trying to outguess the prof I highly recommend investing your time in comprehending the principles and concepts involved.
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