Pressure and depth in a static fluid

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A meat baster consists of a squeeze bulb attached to a plastic tube. When the bulb is squeezed and released, with the open end of the tube under the surface of the basting sauce, the sauce rises in the tube to a distance h, as the drawing shows. Using 1.013 × 1055Pa for the atmospheric pressure and 1430 kg/m3 for the density of the sauce, find the absolute pressure PB in the bulb when the distance h is (a) 0.17 m and (b) 0.10 m.

Pbaster = Pair - dgH
Pbaster = 1.013 x 105 - 1430(9.8)(0.17) = 98917.62 Pa?

and second Pa is Pa = 99898.6 Pa?
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That looks good to me.

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