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I Probability distribution plots

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    hi, so my lecturer decides to give me manic depression by sending me on a wild goose chase. what is the general form of a plot of Ψ, Ψr2 and r2Ψ versus r for both Ψ2s and Ψ2p orbital... am not even sure i said it right
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    Not sure why this would make you depressed. Presumably he also derived an explicit expression for those wavefunctions?

    (In any case, you should probably clarify exactly what your lecturer wants -- in writing -- since otherwise it's hard to help you.)
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    After which its likely better in the homework help section.

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    Thanks. Guys
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    Strangerep he needs me to draw the p.d curve... to the best of my knowledge i only know if psi squared r squared versus r
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    !? I "need to"?? Hmm, we're not here to do your work for you. Bye.
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    No... i meant the lecturer did.... but I've followed your advice and gotten the solutions... thanks
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