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Problem about .java file and email

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    I am trying to send a .java file as an attachment in my email. the problem is that when guy who received my email open his email, all he see s is the java code in plan text format. I want the person who received my email to open the attachment, and automatically invoke his java compiler, and my java code in his java compiler screen. what do i need in order to do this?
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    You could always have your friend copy the "text" (your code) from the e-mail, and then open the program notepad (or another text editor), paste the text, and then save it as a .java file.
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    this "guy" is actually my professor. He doesn t want to copy and paste, because he said so in class.
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    The webserver might have to be set with a mime type for java.

    In addition, the recipient's webbrowser might have to be configured to handle specific filetypes with specific programs.

    Some email-clients might regard the ability to invoke a java compiler like that as a security violation. (Java programs are more dangerous than java applets.)

    As far as I can tell, there is nothing that you, the sender, can do alone.

    Has your professor been successful with submissions from other students but not from you?
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    There's no way for YOU, the sender, to mandate that the receiver open your .java file with a Java compiler. Only the RECEIVER can set such preferences.

    - Warren
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    Maybe he wants you to send it as a compiled jar?
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