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Problem with air core transformer

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    I have two inductors, one as a primary and the other as the secondary. I am trying to transfer the radio signal from the primary inductor to the secondary inductor. But I am getting no signal on the secondary inductor. The radio signal is a voltage signal with very little current. The inductors are toroidal with iron cores. Placed in series to one another. Can someone tell me where I'm going wrong.
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    If I understand this correctly, you have two separate toroidal inductors and want to couple RF from one to the other?
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    yes, is that possible.
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    Two toroids placed near each other will have very little coupling. The lion's share of magnetic flux remains within a toroid. That's its purpose. You must place both windings on the same toroid to make a transformer. there are several other things to consider, as well: impedance, core material characterisitcs (mainly frequency response), core saturation, inter-winding capacitance, wire resistance, to name a few. Neglecting to understand any of those can make your transformer unusable.
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    Thank you for the help. I really appreciate it.
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