Problem with Cruzer micro 8.0 gb.

  1. Problem with Cruzer micro 8.0 gb.plz help

    [​IMG]I have a Cruzer micro 8.0 gb and when I attach it to the computer I clicked to open it a message appeared and says `the disk is not formatted do you want to format it` but it appears to be 16 mb .my flash memory wrote in it bl0807kveb made in china sdcz4-8192.and when i press format a message appears and says `the disk cannot be formatted.
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    Re: Problem with Cruzer micro 8.0 gb.plz help

    Does clicking on the drop-down box (the box with the down arrow beside it) give you anything aside from 16 MB for the capacity, and FAT for the file system?

    If not, you may have gotten a dud drive. If you bought it quite recently, I'd take it back to the store and ask for some help (assuming this is a computer place and not, say, the supermarket) and if nobody can figure it out, return it as defective and get a new one. You can also get in touch directly with Sandisk to see if they may have a solution, or can ship you a warranty replacement:
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    Re: Problem with Cruzer micro 8.0 gb.plz help

    Flash drives die...sounds like this one did.
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