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Faulty Bios, Motherboard, RAM ?

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    My friend's computer restarts after the BIOS screen. There's only one key to press, F2 on the BIOS Screen. Windows XP SP 2 never opens. He says that the problem began after his computer shut down after a power cut. His UPS was not well then. So, he put it on direct supply. What should I do to fix the problem ?

    Configuration is:

    Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
    Ram - 2 Gb
    Hard disk - 320 gb
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    It can be (almost) everything. Disconnect HDD, CD/DVD/BlueRay, and see if it still restarts. Disconnect any external devices that are not necessary. Try replacing mouse and keyboard. Enter BIOS and disable LAN/WAN. You can even try to remove RAM and see what is happening. This way you will at least eliminate some possibilities.
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