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Problematic life in third world country [air pollution]

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    I were looking for smartest forum on internet and found this forum. I guess, will get any help from here, because this quality of life isn't even worth living.

    Living in third world country - Lithuania and here air is very polluted. Mostly it's from solid fuel firing winter time. Of course there are plenty of factories, which doesn't have proper air-filtering systems to release safe air to atmosphere. I read a lot of articles in which i found, that carbon monoxide does heavy damage to brain and while air is most polluted (mostly evening) it's hard to breath for me, feeling very weak, having headaches, getting 0.5-2s black screen in eyes.

    Were looking for solutions for months, best I could find is this video(youtube url), but I can't find where I could buy box fan in my country. Do You have any suggestions for me?
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    Hi L... The video has a hepa filter ....(high efficiency particulate filter) you can find these on ebay in all shapes and sizes. These will only remove particles of dust and soot , not gases like carbon monoxide.

    Ionizers will help remove particles from air, they're cheap to buy and run, and silent.

    I think your headaches could be caused by carbon monoxide , no way to remove this from the air, this is the big problem.
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    I don't think Lithuania is a third world nation. I've seen Lithuania described as quirky and vibrant. As far as I can tell, Lithuania is an industrial country typical of E. Europe, but perhaps it is under-developed with respect to W. Europe.

    Air pollution is a problem a number of industrial companies or countries, especially where emissions controls are not established.

    I once drove from Dusseldorf to Lingen through the Ruhr area (Germany). Within 20 to 30 minutes of driving from the airport, I developed a sour taste in my mouth. By the time I got to my destination, I had developed a rash - I am sensitive to sulfur compounds in the air. I have similar reactions when driving on interstate 10 along the Louisiana and Texas Gulf Coast - I react to chemicals emitted from the petrochemical plants - particularly sulfur compounds.

    An air filter is probably the best near term remedy.
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    My greatest condolences to you, for have to live in a highly polluted environment, I guess millions are trapped in the same terrible circumstances. But at the end we are all in it, and sooner or later hits home. Hefty price to pay for average Joe. But we all going to be rich. :biggrin: Some are the richest dudes in the cemetery already. Sorry I tend to be a fatalist. Some politicians here in the USA will drink waste water:oldruck:, post "treated" just to prove it is safe. No kidding. The things money can do to you.
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    In some papers and for some people, money washers it's perfect country. http://www.therichest.com/rich-list...-highest-suicide-rates-in-the-world/?view=all This miserable country wouldn't be in 1 position if it would be quite developed. I don't see any choice by living here migrate or suicide the only choices here. Healthcare system sucks, government doesn't compensate anything, even pain pills for hard sicking patients. I can't even breath, this poverty is killing me.
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    Hi Lukenberg,

    In my very humble and not so wise thoughts, the steps you are taking to filter the air in your home is a good idea, But for the intense and desperation of your words I sense you need to find an echo of people feeling the same circumstances, couples with babies, elderly people, and still the young, and stand up against the big mess, for the right of the people to live in a clean environment.

    I realize many years ago when I was young that life in the near future was not going to be that great for anyone, unless you are one of those Honchos sitting high on the hog,. I hate those magazines that express it will be fine to be 9 billion by 2050 or so; the whole world is a mess, drinking water for cities which chemicals compounds are impossble to be removed, up north here in the USA we have the same problem of smoke from burning wood to warm up our houses, it is terrible!, many animal species are threaten, habitats for those animals are gone, many species are gone, I still trying to figure out how to become a millionaire without killing a dozen Rhinos, whales, cutting all the pine trees of our forest or the amazons why not? , that is all left, sale clean water has being taken! I know there must be a half dozen people like me, but none is willing to sacrifice or cut some un necessary life styles. so if they are not, neither I am, I will drive my huge Pick up dissel Truck down the highway, I have to figure out how many Rhinos does it take to buy a great Yacht so I can move out<--- I am kidding. Sorry.

    Hey how about moving, gosh you must have an EU passaport right? the coast towns in the tropics are a bit cleaner. I know it is easier to say than done, well people always have migrate and our reasons are of different nature, and toxic environment is a good reason. How about that?
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    You should seek psychological help. Thread closed.
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