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Project Ideas for Classical Mechanics

  1. Dec 1, 2009 #1
    I am enrolled in a Classical mechanics course. The course covers topics such as Euler angles, Lagrange equations, change of reference frame, two body problem, rigid body dynamics, etc. We're using the Marion and Thornton text.

    We were given a final project. We can either apply these concepts to some interesting dynamical system (i.e. robots, satellites) or find a paper describing some application and fill in the gaps/investigate a variation on the problem.

    I have looked for many possible topics, but most of the applications seem way too complex and far above the material presented in class.

    Anyone have any good ideas or can point me to a particular paper or source that could help? We were given very few guidelines on how to choose a topic, so basically anything goes.

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    Bump. Really need help.
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