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Project Natal: Milo - E3 Stage Demo, Virtual Human

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    This probably belongs in the General discussion area but I'd really like to discuss the computer science aspect of this. The AI in this program seems quite amazing. I'm not sure what type of learning this AI has, would it be adaptive or preemptive...

    This seems like the pinnacle of modern day technology nearly commercialized

    I'd like to hear your views of it.

    http://e3.gamespot.com/video/6210718/?tag=top_stories;play_btn;3 [Broken]
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    The conversation was scripted, the boys response was pre-recorded, not put together from individual words by an AI.
    The voice reconition and the ability to reconize the paper object and recreate it in the vertual world was pretty impressive, but not really AI.
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    Yea you do 1x job and present it like 100x job you have done...

    Thats a shame by CS community and projects over the world.
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    I saw the video.İf I do comment, it will be fantastic but it will not occur in a short time
    because I don't think the technology is sufficient.But after 5 years may be...
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    Instead of being skeptical, think of it this way. If this really works, then we can expect a much better version of Virtua Girl (not to mention cheaper than the real version).
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    Im not saying the technology doesnt look amazing, but the AI isnt there. They used scripting and presented it like there was one. Hopefully it will have a real AI when its ready for release.
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    There's no way to tell how scriptied the video was without personally interacting with the character. The motion detection from the camera is quite impressive, I'm waiting for a Star Trek holodeck and not being stuck with a single LCD TV in front of you :smile:
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