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Projectile with Drag and g

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    I was working on semi-realistic projectile dynamics.

    The first thing i took was what if a sphere is thrown upwards.
    g wud act downloads and there wud be drag.

    Drag=1/2kv^2 (leave k for the moment) (drag depends on v)
    g=g(R/R+h) (g depends on h)

    projectile is fired upwards with velocity v

    How do i then find the max height and v(t).

    ma(deacceleration) = 1/2kv^2 + mg(R/R+h)

    how do i integrate because both terms are functions of different quantites,

    I would really appreciate a step by step answer
    thnx :-)
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    BTW m new here
    Hi All
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    Hello sunnyguha! Welcome to Physics Forums.

    First of all, be sure to use regular English here and not texting language. For example, "BTW m new here" should be "By the way, I am new here." Otherwise everyone will just ignore you.

    If the distances over which the sphere will travel is on the order of meters, you can assume the acceleration due to earth's gravity is constant.
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