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Proof of the Riemann Hypothesis

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    http://arxiv.org/abs/0806.0892" [Broken]
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    ... we may have proved the Riemann Hypothesis...​
    I confess if they aren't even convinced, I find it hard to be optimistic.
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    Crackpots don't doubt themselves, so this guy passes the crackpot test.
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    I wish I could understand it better even with many years of college math and wikipedia
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    perhaps he tries to be humble... the positivity 'test' of the double integral given by Polya seems correct , perhaps an expert of number theory should take a look at this paper
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    Did Wiles also pass the Crackpot test when he announced he found the proof of Fermat's theorem, only to discover later that there was a fatal flaw in it [which he was able to fix later at the very moment when he was taking a final look to understand better why he had faled and why he would not be able to succeed (making it easier to put the matter to rest in his mind)].

    Or does the Crackpot test itself pass the Crackpot test :rofl:
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    you pass the crackpot test but fail the reading comprehension test. to pass the crackpot test is to not be a crackpot. you passed since you have doubts.
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    I suppose this is a catch-22, for if they were convinced, I'd generally be even less optimistic. :smile:
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    When asked "what if" his general theory of relativity had been disproven by experiment, Albert Einstein replied: "Then I would feel sorry for the good Lord. The theory is correct."

    Sounds pretty self-assured to me, but he was no crackpot.
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    Good lord, that's a hell'a'va proof he has there. I wish I understood the half of it (I barely understand the zeta function by itself...) What do you fella's make of it?
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    Gib Z

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    Just a gut feeling that none of them are even close. Of course I know nothing either.
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    Well, far be it for us to question a Fields medalist.

    EDIT: Ok I applaud the effort of this auto-keyword-link thing, but this has gone too far!
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    Heh, yeah. Maybe we can have a list of stop-phrases?
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